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So there’s not many examples of GPS-triggered audio out there yet, but there are a few podcasts doing some shortcuts that I thought I might share.

Fuel Productions are doing an interesting series with artists at the Roundhouse Studios in London – including podcasts for in the bath and Saturday morning doing jobs around the house.

And the self-styled high-tech music weekender BEAM in Uxbridge have produced six podcasts for people travelling on their way to the festival.

Finally, there appears to be a project on the go for the Olympic Park during the games – artist Lucy Harrison is creating Mapping Your Manor, where podcasts will be placed at each entrance a score your journey into the park.

Have you ever listened to a site-specific podcast? Did it work for you? Your comments please…

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  1. Posted June 11, 2011 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Sort of — you know the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace?
    There are little signs in front of them with a link to visit on your phone and hear about each one, in place. To be honest it didn’t quite work as the interface and real-world navigation weren’t great, but a super idea :-)

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