From RSL to International Broadcaster – how 3G changed everything

Hello. I’ve been working on Radio Wimbledon over the past couple of weeks, producing a daily round-up programme that runs overnight.

When it first started, the station was a traditional RSL, broadcasting locally on 87.7 for the duration of the tournament to west London. Then came the internet. Last year it had an audience of 1.5 million online.

But here’s the really exciting thing – last year IBM launched the Wimbledon app, and with it Radio Wimbledon got streamed to your phone. In 2010 we had 350,000 unique listeners on the iPhone. This year, it’s estimated to be a million. Just the app.

And with it are a few lessons. The sound quality isn’t superb compared to the website, but at least the streaming is pretty conisistant. You can hear on 3G and Edge, which means there are more chances to hear despite the patchy 3G coverage.

What am I trying to say? Not sure. That smartphone listening is probably the future for international events. And the Olympics is probably the next one. I really do hope someone comes up with an exciting audio adventure around that time…

Djokovic practising for Sunday's final (via @radiowimbledon)

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